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Congratulations to Roger Royse 2012 Man of the Year

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An estimated 148,040 people will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma in 2012. Approximately 54,380 deaths will occur from leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma in 2012. Since its inception, LLS has invested more than $814 million in research to find the cause and cure for hematologic (blood) cancers. Declines in blood cancer death rates reflect improvements in treatment over time. Blood cancer research can also be the gateway to curing other cancers. This research has led to groundbreaking treatments- such as chemotherapy, radiation oncology and stem cell transplantation, which are vital to treating blood cancers and many other forms of cancer. We are leveraging the Man & Woman of The Year Campaign as a way to raise funds that will make a difference in cancer therapy research. We can only reach our goal with the help of generous donations such as yours. 76% of LLS' budget goes directly to research, patient services, education and advocacy. As a non-profit agency, the organization relies exclusively on donations from individuals and corporations.

Here are a few of the vital services that your fully tax-deductible donation will make possible: Financial support for health insurance payments, including co-pay obligations for blood cancer treatment. Blood cancer research at UCSF, Stanford, or UC Berkeley. General financial assistance to blood cancer patients.

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